How does the sales process work?

When we do business we want to do it right! Each Longo car is verified – fully checked prior to sale and gone through a rigorous 150-point vehicle inspection at our dedicated preparation center, carried out by qualified technicians. The photos and the descriptions you see in our offer list reflect the vehicle’s real condition as of when it arrives at our dealer centers.

Below you can find more about what you need to know when buying a car at Longo:

1. How do I find the car that suits me best?
2. How can I test it?
3. Is the price final?
4. How I can pay for car?
5. How I can receive my car?
6. Have my car warranty?

1. How do I find the car that suits me best?

At Longo, you can find your next – or first – car entirely online on our website with over 900 vehicles of more than 24 different makes displayed. All cars listed on our website are owned by Longo and each of them has been carefully selected and prepared to ensure quality before appearing online. Our cars also come with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Start your car-finding journey at our catalogue. By applying filters according to your needs and wants (21 distinct filter available) you will find the car that suits you best!

Our most popular filters are:

make/model – find the car make you have an affinity for;
year – select the car year of manufacture of your preference;
mileage – select your preferred odometer numbers;
fuel type – select your preferred fuel type, including electric and hybrid filters;
body type – select car body type (for example, sedan, hatchback, or others);
engine size – for those with a preference for a particular engine size;
gear box – for choosing between manual and automatic transmissions;
price – set the upper, lower or average price you’re prepared to go for;
color – for listing all cars of a particular color;
number of seats – if you are looking for a 7-seater for your whole family.
Applying the filters will narrow down the offer list to those cars that fit your criteria. Then you can either apply more filters to narrow it down further or review them car by car. Get acquainted with car's key characteristics, equipment, features and Longo certification. Browse our car gallery, and take the 360 interior and exterior tours - the Zoom function will let you see every part of the car in close detail.

Once you’ve found the car that fits your requirements, you can make an appointment with our sales specialist or reserve it right away!

2. How can I test it?

A thorough test drive and examination of the car is vital before a purchase.

It's your best chance to make sure that the chosen vehicle meets your wants and requirements, that you're comfortable and enjoy driving the car and that it's the right fit for all your needs. We value our reputation of reliability and transparency, so we offer test drives in the city for every one of our cars. You also have the option to bring it to a service center for a third party examination.

3. Is the price final?

We value transparency in pricing as well. Each Longo car has an appropriately calculated final price – based on the car’s year of manufacture, its mileage, color, condition and technical parameters including engine size, gearbox, transmission and other parameters.

If you choose a car from one of our other locations (Riga, Tallinn or Vilnius, while purchasing in Poland), please take into account that you will be charged extra for transportation (499 zł incl. VAT) of the car and the costs related to registration of a car (899 zł z VAT) incl. VAT) in Poland.

We draw your attention to the fact that every customer can visit our branches in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn to examine the car and buy it in person. In terms of costs, the customer can expect similar expenses (possibly even higher, because the tax will have to be paid for the whole calendar year) in addition to more time spent.

We offer to take care of these procedures, saving your time and energy, so that you can receive your chosen car in the shortest time possible.

4. How can I pay for the car?

You’re ready to upgrade or buy your first car at Longo and are now looking at what finance options are best for you.

There are a number of options available – from borrowing from a bank, or using the services of a leasing partner to spending your own savings. Learn more about finding the solutions that suits you best here.

5. How can I receive my car?

After the invoice is paid, you can pick up your car from our sales location at Elewatorska 29, Białystok or we will deliver it to your doorstep for an additional fee of 499 zł incl. VAT.

6. Will my car have warranty?

We offer real 2 month or 3000 km warranty for every one of our cars. It provides a sense of security in case something should happen to the car. If it does, we will fix it free of charge, in accordance with the terms of our Warranty. Read more about Longo warranty here.
Longo offer 28 car makes with 973 cars

If You need help at any stage, do not hesitate and contact us!