How we source Longo cars?

At the stage of sourcing a car from trusted suppliers in Belgium and Holand, we make a careful selection of vehicles.

We can proudly say that not every car can be a Longo Car.

The most important factors checked when acquiring a car for Longo:

Verified Mileage Only

Every Longo Car goes through rigorous mileage verification processes to ensure transparency and accuracy of vehicle history.

No serious accident history

We prioritize safety by excluding cars, which have been involved in accidents affecting the integrity of the vehicle. We offer our customers peace of mind regarding the condition of their chosen vehicle.

Only fully known origin

Longo guarantees full transparency of each vehicle's origin. We obtain and provide documents proving the vehicle's history, number of previous owners and their legal status.

No cabs or rental cars

Verification of history allows us to exclude overused cars from purchase.

We select only well-maintained cars.

Cars free from financial and legal debts.

By checking the history, we exclude cars that have ever been stolen or those with any liabilities or inaccuracies related to credit history.

Carefully selected by specialists

Our team of experts meticulously selects the most attractive car models with optimal specifications, providing customers with the highest quality vehicles that meet their preferences.

Extensive use of databases, documents made available to customers: Longo makes every effort to provide customers with access to extensive vehicle information and relevant documents, enabling them to obtain valuable information about the origin and history of their chosen vehicle.

If You need help at any stage, do not hesitate and contact us!